Node-Red 3.1.0 released

It’s been over a year since the last maintenance release, but the Node-Red dev team finally has a (stable?) version for us: version 3.1.0 was released yesterday. Will this be available for us to try on Core any time soon?

sudo oll-node-red --update
sudo oll-node-red-3 --update

You can use the --update command with any of the apps on CORE and update to the latest version at anytime as long as you haven’t modified any of the config files.

if you modified any of the config files to pull a specific version you will need to undo those changes.

tagging @markus in case there is anything he needs to update on the backend to ensure 3.1 is pullable

Tried the update this morning and it showed me as up-to-date on 3.0.2. I think there must be something @markus needs to do…

There will be instructions to follow after Markus gets the new version downloaded. These things aren’t stable from his location. Going forward, you will be able to update CORE Node-RED without staff having to build the update.


Been testing this a bit, should have instructions for you guys soon :slight_smile:


Been testing version 3.1.0 on CORE for a bit now, not found anything breaking, so here are some quick instructions to take the plunge:

  1. Edit the oll-node-red.conf file:
sudo nano /home/core-services/data/node-red/oll-node-red.conf
  1. Add the uncommented lines in the appropiate locations:
## To use a different repo for this container, change it here, normally this is not needed:
## To remove all default folder maps, clear the array by uncommenting this (DANGER, DO NOT DO THIS, THINGS WILL LIKELY BREAK!!!):
declare FOLDER_MAP=()
## Or leave it uncommented and just add additional folder maps (safer, but in general it should not be needed)
## These are the default folder maps for this container (if any):
  1. It should look something like this:

  2. Then run:

sudo oll-node-red --update
sudo oll-node-red --restart

Let us know how it goes!

I get the following errors when restarting

2023-09-12 21:45:23 GMT−4	info	Error: /data: duplicate mount destination
2023-09-12 21:45:23 GMT−4	info	Error: no arguments are needed with --latest or --cidfile

It just goes into a restart loop and never starts. I found that there was a difference in the .conf file I had… in the screenshot of your complete file, you uncommented the line

declare FOLDER_MAP=()

After uncommenting it in my .conf file, node-red started up. No opinion yet on stability/performance… just got going with it. Will report back once it’s run for a bit.

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The line below clears any previously configured mounts, ie those set by default, that is needed in this case. Which is also why all mounts needed will then need to be specified explicitly.

2 weeks in on Node-red 3.10 and zero issues.

So are the instructions above by @markus the way forward for updating NR to the latest version?
I would have thought there should be a process where we shouldn’t have to go into files and amend them.

It’s not the permanent way forward, but it is the current way forward, working on an OS update which at the moment, temporarily, prevents me from wanting to make these types of changes.