New Z-stack zigbee beta firmware released

I don’t think it’d be quite that bad… yes, you’d need to manually re-pair every device, but no re-naming is needed. I think it’d be the same as a zigbee channel change: delete the config backup json file and start pairing… devices will grab their old names as they’re added

That is far less work than what you propose doing, and will actually work… Also you dont have to rename… The friendly names are not what is used by z2m/zwave/mqtt/NR, they are literally just there for making it easier for you to know whats what :wink:


I’m not sure what you’re proposing, but if you simply use another controller, it will work. I have 2 controllers which I alternate between. I manually update 1 to the latest zigbee controller software, and leave the other as a spare. Then, next time, I upgrade the spare. Works for me.

@mike that Is exactly what I would like to do. I was curious about what you Need to do After you insert a new controller into an existing CORE environment. You plug It and then ?

And then start ZigBee2mqtt. It’s pretty simple really.

All the data is stored in ZigBee2mqtt

I’ve been following this thread and have just ordered another Sonoff zigbee dongle.
I’ve gone through this thread and think I have covered everything.
I’ve installed python on my win 11 pc.
I’ve been doing a dry run by putting in a non-existant com port in expecting it to fail with com port does not exist but I’m getting the following.
Here is the command.
py -e -w -v -p com20 --bootloader-sonoff-usb CC1352P2_CC2652P_launchpad_coordinator_20221102.hex
Here is the response.
C:\Users\bobgo\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python311\python.exe: can’t find ‘main’ module in ‘C:\Users\bobgo\’
I have defined the directory above and put the unzipped hex file and into the address as shown above.
As someone who can follow instructions relatively ok but cannot debug very well because of my lack of knowledge, I’m obviously missing something perfectly obvious and wondered if someone either had more comprehensive instructions for a thicko like me :wink: or can point me in the right direction.

EDIT: As I could not get this to work, I went down the ‘Flash Programmer 2’ route.
Unfortunately my win11 pc doesn’t appear to have a driver the recognises the Sonoff zigbee dongle.
I found a driver for it after much searching but this does not install. When I click on the *.inf fie to install the driver it opens a dialogue box asking if I want to continue. When I click yes it just opens a text file showing the contents of the file.
I totally flummoxed.
Any thoughts peeps?

Thanks all, the python method wasn’t as scary as it could’ve been. :slight_smile: