New Lutron Caseta dimmer

Looks like a ripoff of Inovelli’s paddle designs. Different radio/protocol underneath, of course…

Only so many designs you can put on a light switch and have it still be intuitive to use for the masses. I dont think Inovelli was even the first to use the design style.

Personally I am excited about the Diva’s as they don’t require a neutral and work with the casseta hub, so I may finally have a highly reliable and stable way to tie the physical switches in my home into the collective.

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It looks like the old Diva switch with an indicator light added to it so I would say it’s a ripoff. Either way, the more options the better especially coming from Lutron Caseta line.

To my eyes that indicator light seems to be a dimmer slider on the side and the paddles just on/off switching, like analog Levitons or something? I love Inovelli, but seriously wish they had gone this route with the physical design. Much more luddite friendly.

Thanks for posting, I was not aware of the Diva products at all. I had abandoned Caseta years ago after the household rebellion against the old school 4-button dimmers. This seems like it has a lot of potential for folks who “just want to turn the lights on” but live with a smart-home addict.


There were so many complaints about the look of the Caseta dimmers/switches since their introduction you would have thought that they would have done this sooner!

What I did not realize was that not only did they release the Diva dimmer, but they also released a Claro switch and will soon be releasing a Claro accessory switch -