New CC - why does it look suspiciously like a C4?

:smile: :smile: :smile:

Off the shelf design, I was hoping to see price and some sneak peaks, but all in time I guess

Ha ha ha, it really does, doesn’t it. If it runs fast enough that I don’t need to use an rPi and Node-RED for my motion lighting then I will definitely consider it! There isn’t much wrong with the Hubitat except for a lack of power/throughput and its effective but somewhat clunky rules engine/UI. Excited to see what the CC delivers and its potential as the platform software and apps get built out.

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Repurposing old hardware! :grinning:

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Mama always said,


Here’s hoping the internals are better, especially the eMMC. But they both look like off-the-shelf reference designs, likely with some internal customizations.

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Such a comedian. You should really gander at some photos in the community. I assure you we chose hardware wisely.


I know this topic was likely hoping to elicit some extra info leakage from us, and i guess this is technically a bit of an info leak, but likely not the type anyone was hoping for…

Approximate Dimensions
HE - 2.95"x2.95"x0.67"
:oll: CC - 4.25"x4.25"x1.0"

P.S. There are details present in the pre launch pages no one seems to have come across yet :wink:


Which campaign variant did you see?

That’s pretty sizeable. About the same as your average android box

IMO, the size is kind of the least important spec, 99% of situations it is going to be stowed away in a shelf or drawer or closet anyway. All I care about is signal integrity and heat sinking. Like if a bigger size is needed for extra separation of the antennas or to allow for a larger cooling solution then I am all for it.


Def not in mine. It’s always open air for cooling for me unless the cabinet is large or force cooled.

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Can’t edit my posts still so here’s an extra one.

I only mentioned that in passing :slightly_smiling_face: as it stood out when compared with by HE/ST/Hue, Only my Ikea hub is about the same size.

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Size is important after all lol.

I suspect the price may follow the same scaling factor…

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Did you all know that the specs were posted many weeks ago on the main page?

It’s not the size it’s what you do with it

Both the size and the spec does pretty much match the Odroid-N2+… almost! :wink: And that specific hardware have been giving me no issues what so ever running HA since the launch of the “Blue”! :upside_down_face:

more interested in the launch date and price myself… oh and will it be available in the UK or will we have to wait another 20 years after the Us release???


+1 but interested in AU/NZ availability

+1 here too!!