Need a bigger boat (battery) for your Zigbee devices?

Hi All,

I figured I’d pass this along as others might be keen to upgrade some batteries for their sensors too which will give them some serious life. This one I used for my doorbell but I will definitely do my gate sometime soon as well.

Links to items I purchased are below:


I couldn’t believe the price of those 2450’s, I have them in my temperature sensors. Have replace some after 18 months or so… but still, $8… ouch…

Very cool! I always worry about using batteries that are larger. Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much?

You could order them from aliexpress in bulk to save that’s what I did and I have a couple of strips here. I haven’t replaced any of mine yet though and it’s been roughly 22 months.

These special wrapped ones with plug I actually got as a test to extend my izone wireless sensors (see below). I tried it yesterday with a dodgy / spare sensor I had and it powered up and worked fine so I might consider the main ones in the future.

Yes you do worry too much :upside_down_face: