Navigating New Horizons: An Update on CORE's Journey at Oh-La LABS

Dear Oh-La Labs Community,

I’m reaching out with a message that has taken me numerous attempts to write, and while it may not be perfect, it is heartfelt and necessary. Many of you are aware of the chatter around CORE, and it’s time to address it directly.

Over the past four years, we’ve embarked on an incredible journey with CORE, fueled by your support, feedback, and engagement. To our beta users, who were informed some time ago about the changes, and to our wider community, who might have sensed the shift, I owe you a transparent update.

The development of CORE is undergoing significant changes, as has been made apparent due to the lack of updates for a long time. This decision, influenced by a mix of personal, professional, and broader external factors, marks a new chapter for us. As the sole developer left, managing the demands of CORE single-handedly has become unsustainable, particularly in a post-COVID world that has shifted significantly.

We’re not abandoning CORE. Efforts will resume on certain aspects as resources allow, though the pace will be different and more sustainable. The dedication to quality and innovation remains, even if the scope adjusts to match our current reality. Home automation, per se, may not be the core purpose moving forward.

To our beta users, your insights and questions have been invaluable, and I apologize for any non-responses in recent times. I would like to invite you all to an online meeting if there is interest. If you have unanswered questions or need specific guidance, please bring them up again within the beta group.

To the broader community, your understanding and continued support mean everything to us. This announcement isn’t just a statement of change; it’s an invitation to dialogue, to share your thoughts and feedback as we navigate this new path.

We, the Oh-La LABS Team, are still here, committed to the core values that shaped Oh-La LABS. This evolution is part of our journey, one we hope you’ll continue with us, despite the bumps along the way.

Thank you for your patience, support, and belief in what we do. Here’s to the next chapter, however different it may look, and to the continued spirit of innovation that defines our community.

Warm regards,

Markus and the Oh-La LABS Team