National Flags

We updated the community today and in that update, we had to remove the national flags add-on. It was causing performance issues. We’ll be working to get that added back, but only after it’s fixed. It’s a sad thing. I really liked those.

You should notice a difference in performance.


How will any of youse other Ocker buggers recognise a fella bloke from down unda?


That’ll make timezone differences harder to see now unfortunately. I’ll check later to see if I still have problems opening 5+ threads in a row in new tabs, I’ve noticed by the 3rd of 4th it’d error out, assumed it was rate limiting

Yes, that is unfortunate, it’s a neat plugin. You can still click on a username to see their current local time,but yes, that’s a click away…


Didn’t even know that was there, thanks for the workaround :slightly_smiling_face: There’s a small enough number of us regulars I’ll remember everyone eventually


Well, I’ll be. I never noticed that and it’s very helpful. Thanks!

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Excessive usage of “digger” or “cobber” would be my approach.


I hadn’t noticed this either! Very handy!
I was seeing if a user had their location on the bio, then googling the time differences… You know… The old fashioned way! :grin: :grin:

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