Mystery Ice

Nothing to do with automation, but wonder if you have any ideas on where this mystery ice is coming from.

For the past few weeks I’ve gone out on my back deck and found chunks of ice here and there. It’s been dry, but I figured it was falling from the tress, and didn’t think much of it.

It’s not really that cold anymore here in Northern Virginia and still the ice cubes continue. Right now it’s 37 degrees, sunny, and hasn’t rained for a few days. I go out and find these.

At this point I think something might be wrong with the house, but they are about 5 feet out from the edge. I don’t see any leaks, and if they feel one would think there would be shrapnel, or water spots about.

So what now? Some critter with an ice cube fetish? Any thoughts on WTH can be creating/bringing these ice cube?

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ET pooplets?

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Actually, some birds have ice fettishes. Around here, grackles carry their poop and drop it in standing water. It’s disgusting. I can only imagine that there’s probably a bird that picks up ice chunks and spreads them around VA?

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Maybe someone in the household is having a sneaky G & T and then throwing the ice away to hide the evidence. :tropical_drink:


Never did trust that wife of mine :rofl:


It’s the neighbor’s wife. Your wife is being framed.

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