Multiple instances of HA

Is it possible to connect Zwavejs2mqtt to multiple instances of HA from within Core?

I’ve got a second instance of Home Assistant, running not on CORE.
Main Home Assistant on a Synology NAS
Secondary Home Assistant on CORE
Zwavejs2mtt on CORE.

I’ve already connected zwavejs2mqtt to the secondary Home Assistant via websocket (much thanks to April and Marcus for their help).

My main instance sees that there is a zwavewjs2mqtt instance on CORE, but is unable to connect to it. I’ve tried a few different combinations of multiple IP addresses in the Server Host box (above).

Is it possible?

I run HAOS on an rPi, connected to Core using the MQTT integration. Worked out-of-the-box for me with these settings (substitute your IP/username/password)

Thanks, but I’m referring to the zwavejs integration in HA that automatically imports devices. My main HA instance sees is there, but won’t connect.

The MQTT integration will also import devices automatically. Not sure if there’s a performance difference between the two… I can say that for me, I see no observable delay/lag with the MQTT integration. Every action is instantaneous.