Migration from HE complete! Where to from here?

After a couple of weeks, migration of all devices from my old Hubitat is complete and things are working beautifully. My ZWave and Zigbee networks are stable, my automations all work perfectly, both reliably and fast. While reworking my many complex lighting automations I have developed far better techniques than I ever used before including device independence and mechanisms for unifying ZWave, Zigbee and Tasmota devices into compact automations.

So, where to go from here? I do have a casual need to create some simple dashboards, so there is that. I will also be buying a subscription to SmartNORA since it seems very reliable so far and adding a heap more smart integrations with Google Home, including with sensors, which HE never allowed. I also need to finish submitting a few more driver configurations to zigbee2mqtt and enhance a few flows so that using the actual light switches (on hardwired ZWave and Zigbee light switches) is fed back into the related flows so that everything stays consistent.

While the migration process has not been completely smooth, for a software engineer like me, the level of control and the way that the whole platform works has been an amazing breath of fresh air. I have no idea where the platform is going, I am sure that it will become significantly more user friendly, but what we have so far is worth every cent. For my friends and colleagues who are on the more engineering side of things I would not hesitate to recommend purchase as it goes to broader production.