Matter 1.0 released

Re-posting links that were helpfully provided on the Inovelli forums by @Versalius:

I imagine there’ll be some efforts towards bridging legacy Zigbee/Z-Wave/etc networks into Matter. Predictions for how this will play out, please… will we see Matter2MQTT (or vice versa)? Proprietary, hard to understand and use bridging solutions? (I suspect a few attempts will be made) What does this mean for automation platforms (e.g., native Matter nodes for Node-Red)?

If they don’t do this, I hope everyone calls them out for the money grab it is then. How do you have a standard that is meant to bring multiple protocols together under one umbrella and then don’t bring the legacy protocols into it? I assume that the “port” can be done on the coordinator side so you will have zigbee, z-wave, Bluetooth, thread, wifi networks all living concurrently and talking to each other with matter.

Sadly the more I read about matter/thread and the way they are wording things, the less hope I have for them. It seems like a lot of the promise has been stripped away. Perhaps the most interesting line that stands out to me is the following: (emphasis mine)

some devices MAY still have basic functionality even if they lose their cloud connection because the device maker goes out of business.

It almost seems like they took the promise of freeing devices from cloud reliance and made it optional, only requiring certain aspects to be met to get certified.

I’ll have to do some real reading when I’m not busy and have the time (was eating lunch when the announcement dropped), but right now I picture a future where devices are stamped as compatible but only allow you to use the most basic function without the cloud.

Sure you can turn your light on and off, but forget about adjusting brightness, temp or color when the cloud is down, regardless of if you use an app or switch… Your motion sensor will detect motion when the cloud is unreachable, but won’t report temp or humidity, and the re-arm time increases to 30 mins.

Hopefully its just poorly chosen wording, and I am just being needlessly pessimistically dystopian in my outlook today.

I hope so too… I suspect that language is in there b/c Amazon/Google/etc insisted. My Echo devices are door stops without the internet… it would actually be kind of nice if they could do something while untethered. Small companies like Inovelli, Zooz, etc will continue to push hardware that doesn’t need Big Brother, but most people aren’t going to spend the time to search them out. The masses will buy whatever big box brand is flashed in front of them, not thinking at all about cloud vs local

Stripped directly from the Matter github… there’s no z-wave anywhere in this pyramid. Zigbee and wifi are as legacy as they go: