Markus' Drivers

There have been several inquiries about Markus’ drivers and the ability to edit them individually. This is quite a request in itself. While we appreciate the investment that you are willing to make, the concept of these drivers is much more complex. To touch the surface, the drivers are edited through an engine that Markus has built. This makes it difficult to split out specific drivers as they are based on dependencies connected within a group. This makes it possible to push changes to the group of drivers instead of individually. Although this saves a considerable amount of development time, there is a huge learning curve that comes along with this. So, the short answer is No. We can’t split off drivers for development without affecting the entire group.

That being said, Markus is still looking for a group of developers that are willing to take on the task of maintaining the drivers using the tools he will provide. If you are up to the challenge, please reach out to me and I will pass this on to him. He’s got a lot on his development “plate” at the moment but doesn’t want to delay response.


If he can find a way to include press/double/long-press on his button drivers so that these actions are available directly from MakerAPI without having to use a virtual button, it would be very much appreciated!

Although that’s a great suggestion, the fact is that Markus will be spending little time on these drivers for a while. What you can do is spread the word that he’s looking to pass them off to someone to continue support.

Sure, no problem of course. He did previously say he’d do it, but for sure that was what seems now a long long time ago, before the great divide :smile: