Major home security upgrade

Because you may be interested…


Can you remotely dimmer the led back of your head? :grin: :sweat_smile:

Those front wheels look a big tricky to steer. Maybe it only goes backwards.

They are just casters as the mower is the ZTR type. :wink:

Needs a sniper riffle for pick’n off squirrels at 100 yards :laughing:


Nah, that would be overkill. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I feel like those lower rockets would hit the front wheels which seems like it might be a massive design flaw :grin:. Even if they would clear the wheels how would the fins clear/separate from the mount? And if they are just being stored there, then where is the associated launcher?

Actually taking a second look, why are there four? different rocket types on that thing, all different sizes too it seems which is odd. I admit, I am no rocket launcher expert, but I feel like there is no universal launcher that can take multiple types.

Also that minigun mount looks extraordinarily anemic for the heft and recoil of that gun.

All in all this is just very poorly designed IMHO.

P.S. Are those mini rockets directly behind where your head would be? That does not seem smart at all. I do love the dual purpose grenade though, very easy access for when shit gets real.


@RRodman :point_up: do this poor guy a favor and lay the egg so he can do something useful with his power of observation!



Not my fault you guys are slow on the uptake this time… I even admitted it was 100% something I would do lol


Game on!