Lutron or not :)

Hey all,

we are doing a basement remodel in January. I am now in shopping mode to get all the little pieces. One is the smart dimmers. My first choice was Lutron Diva
What I like is the design with slider. First press set it to slider dimming level. Second press to max brightness.

What I don’t like is that the Pico didn’t get this new design. So it would be a mix …

Is there any alternative that works offline and plays well with core/node-red?

Any other recommendation what we should look for to be future-proof? We are putting ethernet in every room and ceiling (AP). Connection in celling to have a Nest smoke alarm hardwired.

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I’ve never been fond of Lutron. My pico remotes lie around unused and the hub is unplugged because it broke my network once. And the price tag of the Diva’s here in the US. Nah thank you. All of my switches are Z-Wave. I don’t use any non powered Z-Wave devices anymore, but I sure like the GE switches. They keep my locks connected.

If it were me, I’d run some power to the ceiling if you can as well. FP1 or 2’s would be rather nice to have in the rooms for presence.

I’ve got the mix now and I’d have to say that my favorite is the FP1. Just for presence. The 2 is still a bit unreliable for zones and sleeping and the Sonoff has been a complete disappointment thus far. Since a lot of the cool stuff is now powered, I’d recommend adding some ceiling power for the added mains powered sensor. Sometimes it’s nice to stick a plug or something that repeats in that slot as well.

I hate to say it, but I have a loooong wish list when it comes to power and ethernet. My dream would to be to have powered usb plugs tucked in nooks and crannies so that I can conceal cables and automate to my hearts content. Ethernet would also be a necessity always run two. Never just one.

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Great point, the presence sensors I didnt have on my mind … added!

For the Lutrons, yes, same, will check out GE :slight_smile:

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Actually… Lutron did release a new Pico that matches the aesthetic of the Caseta Diva style switches and dimmers…

My Lutron Caseta switches, dimmers, fan controllers, and pico remotes are the most solid, reliable components of my home automation system. Lutron also works natively with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Hubitat, SmartThings, Logitech Harmony Hub, Home Assistant, Node-RED, and many more systems. When you buy Lutron, you’re really buying a complete Lighting System, as opposed to just some switches and dimmers.

I used to have Z-Wave switches and dimmers, but they always managed to randomly fall off the network from time to time. My family was always annoyed with my home automation hobby back in those days. Once I switched to Lutron, and reliability improved immensely, they started to ask me to automate more parts of the house.


I have to agree, at least about the Picos. Rock solid, amazing battery life, not a single issue at all with them. The rest of the exosystem I cannot vouch for either way.


About 65% of my switches and dimmers are z-wave based. The remaining 35% are zigbee based. Of course all are mains powered. I decided a long time ago not to use any type of battery based z-wave or zigbee devices… My setup is rock solid. Never had any device dropping off it’s mesh once I got rid of battery powered devices. YMMV.

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How do you deal with motion. What do you use to trip lights? I haven’t found anything powered that I really have liked. Do share.

I don’t believe this is a hijack because I think that @Flucko could use other scenarios as well in his new setup. I wish I could have an open slate. I’m so jealous.

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Thanks everyone, so far great suggestions :slight_smile: for the main powered motion sensors, that would be interesting for sure. We will not open up the walls again in our life time I guess :smiley:

I only have one motion sensor currently. It’s used to turn on the lights of the garage if it’s already past sunset time. It’s a humble Aeotec Multisensor 6, which can also be powered continually by a microusb port in its back. It’s not pretty having that (included) flat usb cable going into the AC outlet, but at least it’s white…

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I have a few of those. They are nice, but a bit slow. I am moving towards FP’s in our home to eliminate the battery scenario as well, but I still find places that battery motion is necessary.


Decided on Lutron :slight_smile:
The new pico remote looks great!

Thanks all!


I read something on a different form that clicked for me. Why put a relay in just to disable it.

Since all my lights are already Hue I am buying the new lutron by the truckload and replacing as many light switches as I can with them! Then using automation to create the appropriate actions!

My whole house is pretty much all Lutron RA2. Its been a rock solid system for me. 15 years in use and not a single failure yet. I wanted a whole system that just works all the time every time regardless of whether any other automation peices are working.

I am still waiting for some of the new Innoveli blue switches to get completed! They have mmWave integrated into the switch. No idea how well they will actually work though.

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