Local controlled thermostat with remote sensor

I know I could code something up to do this, but I do have a need for a thermostat with remote/multiple sensor capabilities. Anyone have something they like?


+1, my ecobee is annoying me lately …

I’d just use ESPHome for something like this, but Im also all about the DIY

I’ve also been looking at my options for later this year when I plan to move to a new apartment. I want to be able to have local control from CORE, a wireless installation and also OpenTherm support.

My choices so far:
Honeywell Home

A DIY ESPHome-based one would also be nice but it would probably eat batteries like crazy if I want it to be wireless.

You’d be surprised… ESPHome has deep sleep support, among other options to save battery life… and when using MQTT instead of API for the data the time the device needs to be awake to transmit its data is minimal as well ! :slight_smile:

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I’d love to see your take on this in a more detailed guide.

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