I have moved all of my Zigbee and Z-wave devices and have my base housold automations up and running!

However, I still have Konnected left to go. Konnected has sparse instructions on how to use ESPHome to make it connect to MQTT. Anyone done this yet?

While I don’t have a Konnected device I am very familiar with ESPHome and have 29 devices connected including some ESP8266 devices. I checked over the instructions here and it’s pretty well documented.

Have you seen these instructions before? Also are you familiar with ESPHome already? Let me know what components you need some help with.

I have zero experience with ESPHome. I am looking at the Alarm Panel Pro instructions and working through what I think they want me to do…

Been running mine on ESPHome for about a year now. I just followed the instructions from this page https://help.konnected.io/support/solutions/articles/32000030296-konnected-with-mqtt

Don’t know which hardware you have but there are links on this page for both versions (esp8266 or esp32).

You will need this info to map your device as well - https://help.konnected.io/support/solutions/articles/32000026808-zone-to-gpio-pin-mapping

Hope that helps to steer you in the right direction.

The first step will be to setup ESPhome on your CORE. You can find information on how to enable and where the configuration file is in the documentation here.

In relation to using ESPHome maybe take a look here I find his videos very informative, this way you can see how ESPhome works and many ways to load .yaml configs etc. Once your ready @wve links above will help guide you for the ESP32 (Alarm Panel Pro) configuration.

I got to the point of running the example Konnected yaml without modification and got errors about how the inputs didn’t support pullups on some of the gpio. starting to troubleshoot now.

Why would I use the ESP on my core if I need to flash over USB? or can I get the network working then use the CORE ESP to do updates to the yaml?

And I do now have it on the network and talking to my core MQTT server… I used a USB cable to set it up, can I now use ESPhome on the core?

I can’t add a device to ESPHome on my core, I get stuck at initializing

Are you using Node-Red to read the MQTT messages from your Konnected device? I have mine setup that way and it has been flawless since the day I moved my Konnected board to ESPHome. Has not needed any reboots or anything else, I kinda forgot about it until I saw your post today.

That is my plan, but esphome from my laptop won’t use the example yaml file due to pullups. I have the pro board. I do have the board talking to MQTT, but I cannot see the board from ESPHome on Core

You should be able to just use the “MQTT In” node in NR to capture the data your Konnected board is sending to your MQTT server. I use MQTT Explorer to see the data going to my MQTT server - https://mqtt-explorer.com

Here’s an example of the data being sent to my MQTT server, in NR to get the state of my front_door I then just subscribe to “mykonnected/binary_sensor/front_door/state”.

I only have it talking to mqtt, it won’t configure the sensors and send them to mqtt.
I get errors using their Konnected pro yaml for pull up s.

I tried the .yaml file they have on the Konnected site and it comes up with the below errors. I assume this is your issue? If your not using those zones you can simply delete from the config which will then remove the errors or try using INPUT rather than INPUT_PULLUP.

Will try pull-up when I get home.

Can I connect the Konnected board through the Ethernet using core?

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Yes you’ll be able to use that configuration to enable the ethernet on the device. You can see it in the config:

type: LAN8720
mdc_pin: GPIO16
mdio_pin: GPIO17
clk_mode: GPIO0_IN
phy_addr: 0

Also if you’d like to change to a static address you can add to that by using the below. You can find more on that topic here.


How do I go from this screen to be able to configure my ESP boards?

I have flashed them and they are on the network.
I try + new device and I get:

you just need to move your stuff over to CORE.
I explained the process to @Flucko just the other day. It should have probably been split.
Take a look. I’m here if you have any questions.


What browser are you using?

Microsoft Edge

There might be something cached