Kitchen disaster is also an opportunity for new lighting

Some of you saw in another thread, we recently had to make some repairs to our kitchen cabinets. After taking them down, we realized how close they were to falling off the wall. Of the 9 screws originally holding them, 4 had sheared off after 26 years, and the face of the cabinet above the microwave had completely seperated.

Decided that since they had to come down anyway, it was a good time to install some lighting. Ended up rebuilding the one above the microwave, the particleboard was beyond saving. Reinforced the others after straightening them out, and we started hanging then back up today.

Lights are generic CCT strips from Amazon, and gledopto ZigBee controllers, since I didn’t feel like building my own and finding non-cloud wifi controllers isn’t as easy as it used to be. Not done yet, but figured I’d start a thread and show some of the progress


Looks VERY nice. Cabinets look nice and level now. And the fact that you rebuilt your cabinet by hand. You should be proud. I have an appreciation for that. We’re diy-ers and we flipped our house in 17 and lived 3 months without a kitchen. One can only appreciate the sacrifices you are making with having your kitchen torn apart if you’ve been there yourself. You’re going to love the under-cabinet lighting. There are so many things you can automate with that and prevent the need of turning on the overhead lights just to get a drink of water. I’ll never regret doing that. I’ll be following your project.



Nice work! I read your other topic so I’m aware of what you had to start with.

I recently used one of their controllers to add under-cabinet lights in my kitchen too. So far it’s only had a few hiccups and they are attributable to the controller being at the far end of a weak (test) mesh so I’m happy.

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My parents & grandparents originally built the house, along with help from some retired family friends. Only thing we hired out was the carpet, drywall, and due to regulations, the gas line for the stove & dryer. Fortunately I was brought up knowing how to fix things, it runs in the family :grin:


Cabinets all hung back up, and after some cut & splice to run them across the range hood, the lights are up and look great! Cabinets are still a little crooked, but they were like that new :man_shrugging: Won’t notice once all the cookbooks & decorations go back up top

Now the fun part of putting everything back in, and throwing out all the stuff that was forgotten in the back of them that’s several years past the expiration date :joy: