I was looking at into kitchen appliances earlier today and noticed that Thermador has a relatively new smart platform that seems interesting, but I figured like most other IoT addons, it was a throwaway with of course IFTTT, Alexa, google home, etc. support, but nothing really of substance. Then I came across as a supported integration and I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about it or what it is like. From their website I very much get an Apple-like or even elitist kind of feeling (having no DTC or even prices being the first red flag), but anytime I see voice assistants outside of google or amazon it is intriguing, so I figured I would post about it to get your thoughts.

I couldnt get the site to load, so was doin another search.
According to digital trends it’s a whopping $14,000 :scream::scream:

Did they mention the yearly subscription fee, or service charges (if you want anything changed or added) in the article?

Not that I read!

Looking at the FAQ, it is very much cloud dependant!
“Even though the majority of processing is done locally, Josh does require minimal access to the Josh cloud. If the internet is down, Josh will lose that access and cannot be used until the internet is restored.” is pretty cool but its a pro system so you need to go through an installer. Its not cheap either so I’m definately not their target market. We’ve seen some demo’s and talked about it a lot with the HomeTech crew. I can’t really give a true review because I have not had any hands on experience with the system but I have seem some of the cool things it can do and a lot of the things it can’t do.