Is Smartly Working Today?

None of my udates seem to be sticking.
Following the same procedure I always do.
Tried changing just the titles on the tiles but these do not stick.

Make a title change, then update button changes to red.
At this point I can check the tile and the title change still shows.
Click update and then check and the title change has gone.
Copy to clipboard and title changes do not show after pasting into the layout.

The tiles are all switches.

It did work once today, for one tile after I repeated it several times but have been unable to since.

As this is only going to be 8 switches on the dashboard I have edited the css manually.

I just changed the title on two of my tiles (a switch and a thermostat) and both changes are persistent.

Make sure you refresh the dashboard first. Changes to titles will not appear until you 1 paste the updated layout, AND 2 refresh the dashboard (I use the green check, click it to refresh the dash)

To answer the OP question, YES smartly is working correctly today.

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This was strange. It is all working perfectly today with the exact same Layout text.

Strangely enough I’m experiencing something similar today. Changes aren’t taking effect. Update a tile in Smartly, save the change, open it right back up and it didn’t stick.

Edit: Clearing browser cache seems to have fixed it for me.

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Using a private or incognito window for smartly is recommended to avoid that too.