Is It Just Me... I Hope It's Just Me

I’ve noticed two things lately when opening the Community on my Pixel 2XL mobile (not so much on my laptop)… One is that the initial opening of the “app” (saved Chrome URL to the homescreen) takes longer than I think it did previously, though the same is possibly true for other Discourse forums… So not wanting to cast any stones… The second symptom is that it feels like more posts than usual suffer an issue I have seen on “other” Discourse forums, where scrolling or interacting with a topic will cause the “app” on my phone to lock up, often displaying the Close, Wait for Feedback pop-up. I remember seeing it first with a lengthy preformatted code section someone posted on the HE forum. Not sure if that is relevant…

Anyone else seen a change in this? I remember there was some mention of a Discourse (Community) upgrade fixing performance issues people had been experiencing, but I hadn’t experienced issues at that time… Only in the last 3-4 days, maybe a little longer.

We will look into that over the weekend. Thanks for the heads up.

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Yes. I get this too, through chrome browser. Not limited to this forum though.

Mine got to the point just now where it would just not open using the installed “app”. I uninstalled it, opened the community in Chrome and re-installed it on my home screen and that appears to have fixed the issue.

Weirdly, around the time I started seeing this slowness the icon also seemed to change for the app on my phone, it was like the OLL logo got much smaller and then vanished. It is now back full size. Very strange…

The same re-install seems to have fixed the load time for the Hubitat Community as well.

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