Iris plugs

I have 9 Iris plugs 3210L that I don’t really seem to be using. I know that they are loved. They work just fine. Thought I’d put them out there for sale. Make a fair offer and they’ll go to the highest bidder. I’ll send them priority mail. US only. Pass the word as my reach is limited.

Which model?

Iris Model 3210L

Edited model

What are people buying now that these are basically extinct even on the second hand market? Mine have been rock solid and if they are available still, I may be interested, but if not what is a good alternative these days?

I think the ST IM6001-OTP01 is such. I have several and they have been rock solid too. Availability may be an issue.

@april.brandt What is their condition and do they come in the original boxes?

Oh my… original boxes on Iris equipment… I think this is the best laugh i have had all week!!! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hey when I bought 10 of my Iris 3210-L2’s about a year ago they all came in their original boxes unopened so who knows.

Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been on vacation. No original boxes. They have been in use and rock solid for me too. I’ve just got too many of them.

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