IOS discourse app issue

I normally use the discourse app on my iPad to read the forms for Node-Red, hubitat and now for oh-la labs and a few others. For some reasons when I tap the connect button for OLL, I am given this error message:

Oddly enough by tapping on on the name for OLL seems to connect. I am guessing that without the API authorization, I won’t be able to see the counts of new and unread threads (as shown for Hubitat) or the personal notifications of replies etc that my screenshot doesn’t show.

Any chance that can be turned on? I am going to explore if there is something I can turn on in my profile, but I suspect it is administratively controlled.

Seems like the trust level was set a big too high on the API access! Sorry about that. It should be fixed now, if its not just let me know!


Whatever you changed to fix it. Thanks. :grinning: