Introducing User Integrations

We’ve added user integrations to CORE. After you run update, you should be able some integrations of your choice to CORE using the command

sudo oll-integration

First update the repo on the top line. You can navigate by using your arrow and enter, or you can click with your mouse.

Click Install and then select your install and click ok. There’s not much there yet, but that list will grow.

It will confirm

And finish. Click ok

For the time being, you will need to obtain the url for the installed integrations through


The screenshots needs to be redone, taken with an improper terminal. This is not how it looks like normally. :wink:

EDIT: For those with access to documentation, information about how to create your own user integrations can be found here.
The GitHub Monorepo used for User Integrations is here:
Oh-La-LABS/core-user-integrations: CORE User Integrations Monorepo (

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Looks like those documents moved to ?

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Yes, it was moved. Markus corrected his link.