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I was poking around things today and it dawned on me that one thing probably hasn’t beem made very clear. This system is Linux based. It’s ok not to know all of the commands by heart. I live and breathe this and I don’t come close. I still have to look up the update command because the up arrow is just too convenient until you can’t find what you’re looking for.
I would like to re-introduce --help

This little gem will help you find any available command that you need in the system. Want to remove the unsupported version of Node-RED 3 but don’t know the command?

sudo oll-node-red-3 --help

(If you’ve not yet removed it.) Give it a try. Although I never want anyone to refer another user asking for help to read the documentation, it is an avenue when your patience is running thin and no one is responding to you. Call it a life jacket of sorts.

You’re welcome.


A well timed post, just back from 6 weeks in Oz so decided not to change my Node-Red-3 to NodeRed when I was 9000 miles away from the UK :slight_smile: , so once I get over the jet lag I need to update Core and will tryout the --help.


There is also a thread referenced for this with exact instructions on migrating. Check it out. Welcome home!

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We tend to need some help this far away from reality… Even highly paid professional sports stars find it hard to concentrate down here… :slight_smile:

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I must admit I found it hard to concentrate at 39c in Perth, even the pool was 35c in places 4 days ago due to the pool cover! but I would move there in a flash, especially as we have just returned to a very cold 5c and overcast Newcastle, UK ! (mind you I saw snow on the ground last week when I checked on the BlueIris cameras and -5c temp on the Ruuvi temp sensors)


Yes I saw that and will read it 3 times before I proceed :wink:

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You should visit Iowa!

You’ll be running for the hills!


Not to derail this thread but I don’t think I would even know how to survive in such climate conditions.
Right now it’s 4:15 PM and the temperature is:


I’ve just returned home from -30 in the French Alps, to +30 in Australia. Quite the difference.

Also, @april.brandt, I love Iowa. I have friends in Monticello, and we visit regularly. I especially love the snow, since we lack that here.


Air con is how we survive :grin:. Certainly needing it today as we nudged low to mid-thirties just North of Newcastle, Aus.

And yes, Perth is a nice part of the world, well laid out and easy to get around. I haven’t been over for 10 years, but went quite a few times in the early 2000’s to visit family.

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