Insteon appears to have died

Well guys it appears as though Insteon has bitten the dust. Reports are popping up in forums all over the net that the servers are down the support numbers have been closed and devices are no longer working…

Just another reminder for us all that cloud dependent products can stop working at any time without any notice :frowning:


Once again reminding me of why I refuse to “cloud” anything.

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I googled it a bit. Seems that rumor is gaining ground.

Anyone here have insteon?

No but I just noticed this which may help those that do:

Sadly I do not think it is a rumor at this point. I think the best we can hope for is another company buys the IP and resumes the services with a subscription fee ala wink :frowning:

I have verified all of the following myself:

All contact numbers for insteon, smartlabs inc, and have been disconnected at this time.

The biographies page is gone from insteon website.

The CEO of insteon has deleted his linkedin profile entirely.

Dan Cregg The Cheif Research officer has removed all traces of Insteon from his linkedIn.

Heidi Price the Director of operations lists herself having left the company last December.

Phillip Nguyen the ecommerce manager has removed insteon from his linkedin and other business profiles entirely.

What I cannot personally verify is the reports that people saw the offices being cleared out on wednseday, and others went there from thur-sat and the main office was dark empty and locked.

Yup Insteon (company) is dead, however the devices if people have them still work perfectly fine. The “problem” is for those who relied on the “Insteon Hub” which was CLOUD based. For those that used a Serial or USB PLM with a control system such as Universal Devices ISY or HomeSeer, Indigo, etc etc those systems are still running just fine. Now the problem for “Hub” users is finding a PLM as they went out of stock nearly a year ago on the SmartLabs store and are selling for high dollar on Ebay now. Even “broken” one’s as they can be repaired as the typical problem was with faulty capacitors that are relatively easy to replace.

The fact that he deleted his LinkedIn is shady. Hopefully that doesn’t mean something major happened security-wise but who knows. Kinds sounds like they screwed something up and are running.