IKEA TRÅDFRI Shortcut Button

Button, button who’s got the button.
IKEA’s new TRÅDFRI Shortcut Button.


Not to be confused with the other IKEA Buttons:

Only available in select markets for now.
:canada: TRÅDFRI Shortcut Button


For those interested here’s a few pics of one:


HE Discovery

IKEA pricing. ($10.00 Canadian)
Local purchase/returns/warranty.
Nice build quality.
IP44 Rating.

Driver. (There is a Beta available so hopefully it’ll be a short-lived con.)


Very cool, great details, thanks for sharing. Maybe a decent replacement for the ST button. I like my Shelly Button 1’s, but it does have a delay connecting to Wi-Fi and then sending the command.

Pretty interesting - does it always work on the first press? (ie, doesn’t fall asleep and need to be pressed multiple times when it’s been idle for hours)

From the driver it looks like it supports single presses and hold presses? Does it do double or triple click or is that just a case of adjusting the device handler?

The device is really well priced and if the battery life is good its a decent option. I currently use the Aqara ones with decent results and battery life.