I Can Turn It Off

Today … I learned that I can turn it all off. I could officially pair my last item to Core and turn the others off. It’s a bit bitter sweet for me because this home automation journey of mine has been a complete emotional rollercoaster. I joined this group a year ago and I remember wondering will we be successful? How far will we even get with this? Why did they choose me? I never considered the bumps in the road and didn’t anticipate anything close to what this adventure would become. It’s been amazing yet humbling. Now … I’ve come to the realization that all I need to do is make the move. We’ve all been running Core to a certain extent. Testing protocols and devices. We’re a party of four +2. We experienced the roadblocks of development and endured the community obstacles, speculation, and rumors. Today, I can take the time to reflect on the past year and start taking the time to build my environment out of something I had a part in creating. How neat is that? I just need to round up my devices from development and from what was has become a very pieced together environment and combine them one last time. It’s time to take this adventure to the next step. I think we’re ready. I’m ready. Thanks for taking this ride with us.

Look at me … getting all misty.


There, there.

Must be a great feeling knowing all the hard work over past year has paid off, enabling you to be operating on the Core hub alone!
Congrats to yourself and the whole team!!