Hue Motion Sensor Dropoffs

To preface I have the CC Zigbee stock and am using the latest Z2M version.

Has anyone else noticed their Philips Hue Motion sensors just randomly dropping off of the zigbee network? There does not seem to be any real pattern but it does appear to be a relatively common issue to Z2M:

Anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot or mitigate the problem. It was rock solid when it was on my Hubitat.

I was trying to research how to do a firmware update on the stick as well, but I could not figure out what specific chip was on the CC stock and what firmware to use. Is there going to be a zigbee firmware updater built into CORE like the new z-wave one?

I don’t have mine paired to core at the moment, but could probably pair one if you need another data point. I’m still running my lighting through HE (with most lights and accessories paired to the hur bridge), but expect I should be able to get the info back there if needed.

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Im running a Hue MS on CC and have not encountered any issues so far.
I do have quite a few devices that repeat and have a strong ZB network but I don’t know if this is the reason or not.

I will get this for you. i can’t check in docs, but it was probably overlooked and not added there. I will correct this by tonight. AND I will get you some instructions.

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I thought we mentioned this in the community before. Took me a bit to find it.

Doesn’t look like there was an update since February.

Anything we shipped already had this firmware update.

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Thanks, I guess that is not the issue then, or at least if it is the issue there is not simple solution.

I rejoined the motion sensor and it seems to have a decent connection (LQI 98), though I am not too sure what a good LQI is since on hubitat basically everything was reporting 255 at all times and I never had any zigbee issues ever, but since moving to CORE, I almost never have 255 LQI but the performance does not seem to be suffering?

I wonder if there is something you can add to repeat. Is there anything that repeats for this device? Possibly adding one or two to the network is all you’d need for a resolution. It might just be that simple.

The device is only like 20 feet away from the nearest repeater and like 25 feet away from the stick itself. Here is my current map (second one is with the device in question highlighted)

FYI, just checked the LQI now, and it is at 120…and now its back down to 98…

The lqi will vary if your mesh is reporting correctly. Just like your wifi does. I didn’t read back through our posts, but I wonder if you ever tried to pair to the nearest repeater through selective pairing? Maybe through the KT overhead lights or the GRTV plug? Is that device a zigbee 3.0? It may not stay paired to one specific device, but might find a better route to the controller.

In my observation, you don’t have a weak mesh, but that particular device wants to have 3 connections to get to the controller. I’ve only experienced that one time with a bulb that gave me fits as well and had showed 3 different connections to the controller. When I selectively paired it to something that was not one of those 3 devices, it seemed to snap out of it and established a better connection. In my previous experience, I read that as having an issue with connectivity. even moving it or a repeater over a few inches or feet and pairing it again might solve it. It’s a crapshoot.

Here’s my mesh now. There’s one bulb unplugged, but it was actually a color bulb doing the exact same thing. It’s since been resolved. Maybe try selective pairing it directly to the controller?

I had some Hue motion sensor dropoffs too.
I recovered the first simply changing a value of one of the exposed features.
the second required a new bind

I also get Hue Motion sensor dropoffs. It also occurred before I moved the z2m from an Odroid to the Core.

Why does it feel like i read somewhere that certain repeaters work better with those? Like Ikea ones or something. Anyone remember?

I’m sorry, haven’t read anything of sorts but despite this I’m having two Hue Outdoor Motion sensors with no issues. Last time I checked one was relayed trough an IKEA outlet and the second through an INNR bulb.

The LQI’s was 112 and 192, the higher will be with the bulb placed about 8 feet away and the outlet is placed inside with a window in-between. I’m running channel 15 for the mesh, could you experience interference issues causing these disconnects!?

It looks like he pushed out a new firmware a couple of weeks ago.

Is the preferred method of flashing using TI’s flashing utility or are there plans for something homegrown?

I was having some luck with this sensor for at least a month and then 2 days ago it randomly dropped off again with no changes to my network.

This is an odd one for sure, but I did not have a single issue on Hubitat with the same devices in the same locations (hub and radios are in a bit of a different place, but within 6 feet) which makes it even weirder.

Edit: I am trying again but manually joining to the nearest (physically) repeater and hoping that works better. One question though, what happens if that repeater goes off the network? Is the device handed off to someone else?

Yes. Zigbee 3.0 can move sensors if something goes off line. You can’t force it to stay paired to one path. It can hop is it sees a better path in general. Just a heads up.

So the Hue Motion Sensor is dropping off again. Any guidance on how to upgrade the firmware for the zigbee stick from you guys? Are there plans for a utility like there is for Z-Wave?