How can I organize things?

I’ve been doing some organization of my network closet. I’m really struggling with how to organize things as I have everything leading to a battery backup. I worry that heat or a cable will get unplugged.

So I am really interested in how you’re organizing your “space”. I also have a server, soon to be two. Here’s a photo of my setup. Input would be great. I don’t have the room to put a rack in. Everything in that area is studded in. There are various boxes there I don’t know how to organize. They’re all very awkward or require IR.


Well… hmmm… :slight_smile:

I do see room for a rack. Perhaps a couple. You could use a wall mounted enclosure or two mounted on the studs either side-by-side or on top of each other or a larger floor unit. For this “closet” setup and it mostly being open networking I would lean towards a full height 2-Post network (telco) rack on wheels. Rack mount equipment that you can otherwise use shelves for the remainder of things. For my “small” devices I bought a DIN rail enclosure and added that into the 2-post rack and then I use DIN rail plates with those devices attached.

I have a good resource for the din brackets that work well for small devices of various sizes and custom one’s for rPi units as well that we helped design with the manufacturer.

As for the server you could also place that on a shelf in the bottom of the rack.

For the UPS that depends on size/type. If it’s not rack mountable then put it on a shelf even next to the server. Otherwise you might look into multiple smaller UPS units that can be placed near gear or multiple smaller rack mountable UPS. Some go for giant UPS but I prefer going with multiple smaller units as the goal is safe shutdown not running for days. If you want to run for days get a diesel generator :slight_smile:

If you wanted to go full bore you could remove the shelving and have room for one perhaps 2 side by side full (4-post) racks in that room against the wall. You could then back-feed cabling out of them as I think you need access to things on the other side of the wall?

For the IR that depends on if you’re needing to Emit (send) IR commands to devices or if you’re receiving the commands and processing on the control system. In general cases Global Cache devices work great for this and are network attached even Wifi with some.

[EDIT]: A couple more thoughts.

After looking back at the small box devices and hubs I’d definitely use a DIN Rail mounting for things like the HE boxes and the Collective Core box rather than it being hooked up on a stud like that. I use DIN Rails with plates for my hubs and boxes and I’ve never had a problem with signal like the claims from other hubs.


I too, wall mount things. It is a very good way to save space!

And I was able to conceal my router, battery chargers, etc. It looks very clean!

Routing my ethernet cables and power across the walls was the hardest part. Maybe using small POE injectors would be the best bet for that, actually.

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I don’t have any organization tips cause I’m horrible at it. But I do see the collective Core device hiding over there.


“Cor(e) Blimey” (as we say in the UK), that’s an interesting set-up! :smile:


I agree with @simplextech You have plenty of room for a rack (or two). My full rack is 20x30x72, looking at your tiles, you have more than enough space down there, and as mentioned the shelves would no longer be needed. Half my equipment is “rack mountable” the other half is on ‘shelves’ (or the shelf made by other equipment :shushing_face: )

Now granted a full rack on wheels is about a grand ($1000 for 42U), but you could also get a half rack or even a wall mounted rack (as mentioned above) to keep the cost down. Racks are not the CHEEP solution but ultimately if you want to pack a ton of IT stuff in a small space, you’ll end up with a rack in some form or fashion sooner or later.

But then again if you did have a rack you wouldn’t be able to continue using such a unique patch panel mount :wink:

On second thought I’ll just send you my address, and you can send one of those “various boxes” my way to clean up some of the clutter :rofl:


Creative temperament. :grin:

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OH? Huh … it did make it in there. Oops.




I would show you my space, but it’s not organised and bottom of my to do list. I do have a mini server cabinet with it all in, which helps though.

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Goes back to check the picture again… ohhh nice… bigger than I thought!

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avoiding the obvious jokes and puns… Size isn’t everything, but yes we wanted a bit more room for all the goodies to fit and ensure we don’t have any of the interference issues that pop up in some hardware platforms (looking at you Pi 4’s)


The shelf is actually studded in to the wall. I can climb it like a ladder and it doesn’t as much as even wobble. the sheetrock is actually resting on the inside of the shelves. The previous owner was huge on storage. Which, don’t get me wrong, I love, but there’s no taking it out either. This is the area under the steps and so there is also storage in there so I’ve been mandated by the Husband not to block it. So I’m stuck.

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Minor obstetrical to overcome…Wall Rack!

The rack below is 20 inches wide, so all you need to do is maybe ‘jack’ stud to each side and mount the rack up high. That way you can get to the lower shelves, but need a stool for uppers. Stuff that never gets touched can go up top. This rack has adjustable depth, standard 19 inch wide (21 outside) and is only 26.5 high. It should fit right above that 4 port face-plate. For under $150 it’s a pretty good bargain. They also have shelves for under $20.

Keep in mind that ‘racks’ come in all shapes and sizes, so there is bound to be something to fit your need if you look hard enough. The reason we like racks so much is the thin metal allows us to hold lots of weight with little space taken up by the material needed (wood shelves take up much more space as you see). You could build additional shelving out of wood, but that would consume more space and be harder to remove than a rack.

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Adamant husband. Besides. How can I hang things on the wall for show and tell if it’s hiding in a rack?

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Kinda like all those “leaks” of Google things right before they release things??? :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG :slight_smile:
I have a main CISCO switch for all the netplugs (I cabled my house many years ago) an old Readynas NAS, fiber modem e few others things.

In the house I have some hidden dedicated “isles” . The one for HA is in the back of my printer shelve. It has a UPS (Eaton 850, the best economic UPS I ever had):

In the hidden side I have

  1. mini UPS , mainly for AC->12V (connected with the Eaton UPS)
  2. cisco 8port switch (attached to an ethernet plug connected with main switch and mini UPS)
  3. AUKEY 5 ports USB hub (connected to Eaton UPS)
  4. Hubitat C5 hub (connected to switch and USB hub)
  5. Hubitat C7 hub (connected to switch and USB hub)
  6. Raspberry pi, mainly for WireGuard VPN (connected to switch and USB hub)
  7. spare estate for … CC?

I’m happy with all the stuff…


Im not sure why but this image has a very
fallout-esque feeling to it


Because of the dust :joy:?

looking at it again now, I think its because of the coloring of the enclosure… it gives the entire setup a sepia tone… the back wall also looks like some hacked open futuristic safe

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