Home Assistant?

I have a pretty vanilla system where I run NR, z2m, and zwavejs. One of the major time sink items in my life is about to end, so I plan on working on my automation setup with my new time.

My first thought is to add Home Assistant, but I am struggling with what it is going to add. Can anyone point me to some things HA is doing for them that what I have isn’t accomplishing?

I am trying to justify my time:)

Just… Because… :slight_smile:

For me, at the beginning of the Core Beta, HA offered the Pandora’s box with integrations to much of my existing setup (Hue, Bond, Harmony, EcoWitt, SensorPush, Chromecast, etc). It also had the added benefit of an out-of-the-box dashboard, not that I have played with it much more than this default dashboard, given my focus on “other” dashboard solutions.

So when it came to automations in NR, HA offered options to easily call on it’s “services” to control my blinds via the Bond integration, control my speakers via the Harmony integration and activate Hue scenes via it’s integration.

Each of these have also worked in Core while still using these platforms within HE, i.e. Bond, SensorPush, Harmony, Hue and Google are all still integrated with HE alongside my NR flows I have configured. Core has added to my existing automations and I can morph into using Core more and more as and when I choose to. And HA is a big part of making this a much easier process through the integrations available natively or through HACS.

I also have the default HA dashboard displayed on my tablet mounted on the side of my fridge, though I don’t technically use it that much.

All that said, I have mentioned elsewhere, I did lament this situation slightly in that I did not need to write any custom integrations as I and others have on the HE platform for some of these systems. But this can also be seen as a positive in the choices made by OLL in creating the Core ecosystem and the options it provides.

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Ha - Dashboards, Plethora of Integrations, Service Calls, EspHome Integration for DIY devices. Local Voice and TTS (WIP)


The wide array of integrations seems good, even in the way they work, eg, Lutron Caseta, it automatically picks up new devices (vs Hubitat where I have to manually add them, which is a bit of a process in comparison). I recently fired up a Konnected Pro device and HA saw it and proactively offered the integration to install (again, vs Hubitat, many manual steps).

I also enjoy the way automations and scenes work, but you’re living in NR so that probably has minimal value to you :slight_smile:


FYI, the Konnected pro became much more responsive and stable on wired Ethernet for me.

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Good to know! I will definitely switch it over when it hits my production environment, I just don’t have a wired connection at my dev station.

I also flashed it to go straight to mqtt instead of the Konnected fw

I have already migrated all of my z-wave and zigbee devices from HE to Core. I struggled for a few weeks with NR, but eventually got the hang of it and now all of my automations are NR based. I was also able to integrate my Doorbird Video Doorbell and my RFXtrx433E interface into NR nicely. That means my home automation runs entirely from my Collective Core unit.

Even though I appreciate all the hard work put by @Markus, @april.brandt and others, I was sorely missing a tablet dashboard.

So a few days ago I decided to give Home Assistant (HA) running from Core a second shot. With the help of other fellow users here in this community, I was able to make HA discover all of my z-wave and zigbee devices managed by zwave-js-ui and zigbee2mqtt automagically. Seriously, ALL of my devices and its capabilities were automatically learned by HA, because of the MQTT integration. I’m bedazzled by how well everything “just worked”. And by just worked, I mean, bidirectionally. If I set a device from say zigbee2mqtt, its status is immediately changed in HA and vice versa. Same thing with zwave-js-ui. And the default Overview Dashboard automatically managed by HA was a great start in the “creation” (meaning, cloning it and simply removing capabilities I did not want shown on) my custom dashboard.

So now I’m quite happy with how well @markus made it super easy for us to start using HA. One could certainly achieve the same results by installing Home Assistant into a spare Raspberry Pi 4, and integrating zigbee2mqtt and zwave-jz-ui into it, but the simplicity of the Core solution is simply unbeatable.

I decided I will not spend time adding integrations and automations in HA, as I still have hopes for a rules engine in Core itself, but I can tell you that I’m super happy with Core and it’s current capabilities and I wish it a long and amazing life, with additional features eventually coming our way.



I am trying to get the home assistant app connected to my home assistant server on core. The app keeps timing out. When I enter the ip manually i get a 400 response and bad request as the description.

Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong?

I am going through the learning pains of home Assistant as well…



lol yeah I figured it out - use https and make sure youve installed the core cert on the device you want to use.

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This has to do with single sign on. Markus and I will be going through how to get that set up. I’ll publish it once I’ve done it. He’s on holiday until the 5th, so I’ve only been talking to him briefly every day. It’ll be after he’s back home.

Actually has to do with users, Not getting it connected. Either way, it needs to be documented.


Hope someone can assist. I did both of the above and it brought me to the SSO and I logged in, but then this error popped up.

Any ideas?

Have you tried the Home Assistant Local option is displays?

I clicked it and start over and neither do anything of note. To try again I just relaunched the app. I even cleared the app storage thinking something was weirdly configured, but no luck.

Ive been noticing something similar when trying to authorize my wear os device. And i cannot seem to access ha at all from my android device anymore

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I had an issue a little while ago where I needed to go through the steps to install the certificate again (I think). But if you have done this recently, then I’m a little lost on why you would have this kind of issue.

There’s one thing that was mentioned a long time ago (can’t find the post though) which is related, but thought I’d link to it again: Open letter for improving Home Assistant's Authentication system (OIDC, SSO) - Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community

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