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Hey everyone,

Has anyone had any luck getting tts to cast to your google devices from HA running on core?

I keep getting this error

The url works on my browser so i think it may be a security / firewall / network thing.

@markus @april.brandt @RRodman is there a firewall rule i can change that will allow traffic to work from the gogole home device?

I use NR cast nodes, but if I remember correctly you need a firewall rule to allow the google devices
to communicate on TCP port 8123+18443 of your core/HA IP.

You may also need a rule to allow communication between google servers and your core/google devices as well. Its been so long I’m not 100%.

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Could someone point me at the correct path and help with the syntax for the port mapping?

I know ive done it before but apparently remembering what ive done before from a command line is not my forte.

Any help appreciated.

Sorry I meant the firewall on your modem/router, not the core itself. Basically making sure that its not blocking any traffic between your core and your google device

There is nothing that im aware. Casting to this device from anywhere else on the network works ok. I figured core might be blocking the google device do to security / cert / firewall rules that may be in place.

I can leave this function elsewhere in the system i just thought i would see if anyone else had run into issues.

Now… I’m running HA both on a different platform but it’s also the supervised version. Still before any TTS would work for me, I needed to add an URL in the settings/system/network. Perhaps this can be something for you to check and/or try?

Edit: If only would have read from the beginning, I should have seen that you’ve already been there!! :wink:

Personally I’m using my own domain in these settings, that also is used for the app etc.

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