HELP! I've been playing and have lost my Configuration Nodes

I have been playing with various nodes and seem to have lost my servers. Nothing will now work.
For info it is saying the following.
Can I recover the servers or do I need to reload a backup.
Any advice appreciated.
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see pmpleasr

This is something that we take for granted that you would know as it’s preconfigured. I will get this in docs

If you happen to remove your mqtt configuration node, The server is port 1883
username and password that you set. save.

You may need to revisit your nodes and choose the CORE server.

Thank you @bobbles for pointing out the need to document this information.

Node-RED | Collective-DOCS (

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Thank you so much @april.brandt for getting me going again.
All done and fully working again.
A lesson learnt. Well I hope so!!! :blush: :crossed_fingers: