Hello! Hello! Hello! from AUS

I want to welcome everyone from me to you in our new community from a little place called Australia. IKR where the hell is… Australia!!! for everyone else “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!” :kissing_heart:

If you came from the community where all our founders and more importantly friends drivers and code were previously released and supported then I want to reiterate that they will continue their work here… PSSST what’s up with that right? :thinking:

Even after how I was personally treated e.g. banned being a nobody in the AU/NZ forum, we/I didn’t lose focus on YOU as the user that would ultimately suffer by losing support for your drivers just because the old overlords said so… We (the group) will continue to support the community as per the original plans and that’s it or nuffs said…

Our group will provide you with a large community filled with everything the hungry IoT n3rd requires so sit back and enjoy. Our rules (if any) are simplesssss:

  • Be nice to each other,
  • No illegal activity; and
  • Most importantly moderator decisions are final.

Simples right? Anyways let’s support each other and more importantly talk about “cool stuff” Your new IoT best friend @jchurch :slight_smile: