Hello again

Hi Guys,

Been a long time since ive been here, but life just shot me down.

Just got home from an extended trip away and my HE has S*!T itself and the backup wont load… so ive got to start again.

Disappointed to see i missed the start up campaign, but hey ho thats life. given that im starting from scratch again and intending to use OLL core whats the best way forward to set it all up again? dont want to be duplicating loads of work.

How are all of the backers getting on with the new equipment?

Sorry to hear of your troubles. :frowning_face:

Same as you… no got. When the campaign failed the production of CORE had to be put off until the funds are raised by other means.

April has an answer for you but it will involve migrating twice, which I don’t wish to do so I’m holding out for the CORE release. I’ll let her explain because I may get something wrong.

Thanks for that.

is there any idea when the core will get released?

Nothing official. My guess is summer 2022.

In a theoretical land where you were starting from scratch (including just being totally fed up with your current system,) is there any benefit to going with Home Assistant over another existing system?

ETA: I expect that there will be no easy button to convert HA (or any other system) to CORE. Just wondering aloud if there could be some knowledge gained or getting a jumpstart on configuring devices, things like that.

I’ll just leave this here…

Disclaimer: I am in no way related to the team or to OLL.
However, given that a lot of this community is from HE, and if my memory serves me properly, I remember there was talk of a migration service from HE to CORE being in the works or at least on the wishlist.

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You’re right. I had forgotten about that. Thanks for the reminder!

(Now to decide whether or not it’s worth it to put up with HE’s Z-Wave implementation for any longer…)

I knew this question would come up sooner or later.
My question is “Do you want to get by, or do you want to go all out?”
When I got the banhammer, I migrated everything over to a rasberry pi running mosquitto, zwavejs2mqtt and z2m. Loaded Node-Red on that pi and was off and running. I ordered another Silabs 700 and zigbee sticks. Even though I had to pair everything at that time, I was able to pair everything in place. And it happened quickly. My move to CORE took only a few minutes when I moved it from my workbench to my network closet.

All else fails, I do have two sea fore bricks I could give you. Perhaps if you asked nicely, they’d get reactivated. There are a lot of things travelling the pipe right now, but no update until we have a timeframe. Devices will come before the CORE. There’s some cool things in that plan.


I had a chat with Markus and we thought that since this situation is starting to pop up we’d discuss what Zigbee sticks run great in Z2M on a pi and will also be compatible with CORE (Through the Zigbee Herdsman library)

Apart from what is shipped with CORE. Anything that allows Zigbee 3.0 and is NOT experimental should do fine. Here is a link. I personally started with the Electrolama zig-a-zig-ah! (zzh!). Worked great.

I suppose you want the link now.

See the notes at the bottom. There are certain chips recommended for large networks. This is an important point.

Supported adapters | zigbee2mqtt.io

Carry on

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Have you tested Conbees? Much more readily available and the manufacturer is pretty happy to help devs (judging by the conbee discussion on the z2m github) Mine works perfectly with excellent LQIs.

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If it states experimental we can’t guarantee functionality. Keep in mind, CORE will have it’s own Zigbee functionality. This is if you’re looking for an immediate solution in the interim.

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If we can get an API call up and going (like I have working in HE via my RPI) I would be hopeful of getting it working in Core. But wouldn’t expect the Core team to commit to a similar outcome, in the same way I wouldn’t expect HE to either.

Any in-built support would be welcome… :slight_smile: