Has anyone lost link out/in connections before?

So this morning things weren’t working. Having a Z-Wave stick that is running on 7.15, I was a bit nervous that my network was going on another hiatus. I was about to lose. my. $417. Started digging a bit and found that two of my flows lost global connection on link out’s. WTS? Just decided to uncheck themselves. Really?

Anyone ever experienced that? My nicely straightened flows tend to float and kill my OCD a bit, but never have connections just dropped before. Links unlinked. Disconnected. Unplugged.

I don’t use links but the nodes moving on their own makes me wonder about corruption somewhere. I’ve never had them grow legs.

I think you’ll have a better audience for your question in the NR community.

Meh, it just seemed odd. I thought I was seeing the Z-Wave bug at first, but I was mistaken.