Happy Holidays..... Invoke the inner child

The “silly-season” gives each of us a chance to re-imagine what CORE can bring to our setup, including the extras we have been teased with… This is our chance to imagine what we can bring to our setups with this new tech… Amongst all the other obligations we have in these times…

To all those prepared to share their support for the platform and their own automation experiences, thankyou. To those making this happen… Hmmm I’m not one for hyperbole, so thankyou is probably all I have… You get where I’m heading… Anyone willing to put in the time an effort you guys have has my respect…

Thanks to the Community for the interesting conversation throughout they year. And thanks to Oh-La Labs for the exciting journey so far.



Happy Holidays Simon. Patience and perseverance will get us to the finish line.

On a personal note, everyone here is what keeps us going. It’s why we’re all hanging on to this and working on things every day. We will make this happen. I just want to thank everyone who is and has been supporting our efforts. You will NOT be forgotten. Have a safe and happy holiday!