Handy node-red rate limiter function

Thought I’d post this handy little function I stumbled across (not my work, but glad someone did it). Have a chatty device that’s giving you too many details WAY too often? Don’t care if you throw away a bunch of those messages? Answer yes to both, and this function can help. I used it to slow down the pace of power reports coming from my Centralite 3200 plug to 1/min, which is fine for me. I don’t care about averaging or smoothing or anything fancy… I just want a periodic peek at where things are now.


Side note: turns out this plug has a config parameter that lets me set the reporting rate. Nevertheless, the function may find use elsewhere in my flows…

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The built-in Delay node has a rate-limiting option in it.



I used that one to limit messages being propagated to Google Home for a device that I have that I send colour change messages to every second. Very handy node to have included out of the box.