HA with Z-Wave JS error

Upgraded, and getting this error. No biggie yet, as I’m not doing much with zwave in this instance of HA.


That’s since you’re using websocket to connect to z-wave js and you need to upgrade zwave js as well. There’s a 10.x version you probably don’t want yet though, so stick to 9.x. @april.brandt is currently running v9.6.2

April, I presume this is the post. But 1.21 is very different numbering to 6.16.0 and 9.6.2 ?

9.6.2 is the version of the container and the z-wave js UI. Have you updated the container to this version? It is this version which shouldn’t be 10.x yet.

I’m already on 6.16.0
I didnt upgrade anything manually, as per the other post, as the other post contains warnings about going beyond 6.16.0
I’m still getting the error above.

Help me out here. I don’t use HA, so can you tell me what you’re doing to get this error? Are you using webhooks? Are you using mqtt? Can you give me more to go on here?

Yes, I’m using HA, and since upgrading to HA 2022.10 yesterday (standard upgrade via oll-homeassistant etc), the zwavejs is erroring, and no data is readible/controllable by HA.

I’m using webhooks on port 3000 as per the recomendation.

I’m surprised no one else is running into this problem. They certainly will when they upgrade.

Sounds like HA requires 10.x of Zwavejs, that in itself has had issues for people, these issues may be fixed by now in the latest 10.x. Upgrading to 10.x requires moving to the renamed version of zwavejs if I remember correctly, that rename will be done by tomorrow on CORE (actually doing that now).

While the websocket integration is the HA recommended route and is a few ms faster, it seems to be requiring early and constant updating of zwavejs, might be worth considering moving to MQTT if that is not something you want to do with zwavejs.

Fwiw, I just took the plunge with zwavejs 10.3. My issue with the earlier 10.1 release was posited to be a firmware prob with thr Zooz Zen16. Zooz sent me a new (not yet released or documented) firmware to try. Flashed the fw and upgraded to zwaveJS 10.3 and UI 8.2.1…

No issues so far. My Zen16 problem is fixed. Not ready to declare victory yet… will post an update in a few days re: stability

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“oll-zwave-js-ui” is now available, it will copy your current zwavejs2mqtt config and disable “oll-zwavejs2mqtt”. To switch to Zwave JS UI, just run “sudo oll-zwave-js-ui --enable” and wait. This will bring you to version 10.3 and the “oll-zwavejs2mqtt” command will stop working. This is NOT a required upgrade, but it is now there for when you do want to move.
The paths are also different after this, configs are stored in “/home/oh-la/data/zwave-js-ui/store”.


This solved my webhook issue, as it’s now at the right schema/version. Thanks Markus.