HA Green

With the last months being very quiet I toke a stab at HA Green and have to say: it came a long way. With the knowledge of MQTT I gained from Core everything was way easier this time around. Last time I tried HA was 5 years ago so the changes on the UI and backend helped on top.

I finally today decided to switch over. Core was a great ride. Thanks to everyones help I learned a lot and was able to get a stable zigbee network. Learn NodeRed, MQTT and some other things.

Since my backbone is MQTT I hope to fire up core again in the future in case there is a new use for it :slight_smile:


I am similarly using an MQTT backbone for everything with various peripheral devices and controllers connected. Very happy with how that’s evolving.

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I must have tried most of the existing home automation solutions out there. I started with Vera, then Homeseer, Indigo (Mac only), OpenHAB, Home Assistant Blue, Hubitat and of course Collective Core. I still haven’t tried Homey Pro (because it’s price is way too high and some reviews in Amazon say it’s not that great despite it’s price…).
Having said that, I came to enjoy the DIY approach of Collective Core. I hope it can eventually find its way towards the developers original goals. In the meantime, I’m using a separate Rpi4 with Home Assistant on the side, mostly as a front end for a dashboard, connecting to my Core managed devices via MQTT. It works and I’m happy with it, but I would very much appreciate if Core could do it all by itself. Fingers crossed for 2024 being better than 2023 for Core development.


I’ll likely do this way too. Should I move to a new house likely I’ll move to knx.

I have moved almost everything over to Homey Pro. There are a couple of items I still have on HA while I wait for an app to be created.

Its come a long way since they first shipped it 6ish months ago.

My experience has been much different than the Amazon reviews I just read.

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Interesting… Are you in the US?

Homey has always been on the fringes of my radar. I like the concept (or at least the marketing :wink: ) but that’s a lot of money for what may not be a ‘sure thing.’

I am in the US.

My home is mostly Lutron, Hue, and Zooz. The coverage for those is great!

I still have to run my Ring Alarm, Pentair Pool, and Emporia Energy devices through Home Assistant into Homey.

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Homey Pro seems very interesting. At the moment, I’m just could have some trouble moving all my automations over to Homey, due to some functionalities that I’ve implemented in NR. For example, I use Alexa “locally” just to receive the text of requests (the JavaScript code does the parsing of the text, etc…). Alexa doesn’t “see” my devices, in this way everything remains local even when using Alexa. I also use ChatGPT and Telegram to interact with the system. What’s the Homey solution for these kinds of things?

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