HA dedicated local voice device

HA announced an interesting voice device


As an ip based tool It could be of interest for CORE users


I am super interested to see where this goes. I imagine they will just integrate Rhasspy into HA directly as opposed to reinventing the wheel.

I don’t know about you guys, but getting a raw transcript of what was asked and by which device would be good enough for probably 70%+ of the use cases I have for Alexa. Managing lists and setting alarms or timers are nice too (especially when that timer is linked with a clock to show how much is remaining) but you have to prioritize the essentials when it comes to projects like these.

If they could mix this with a good multi-room music protocol on hardware with analog or even better digital out, this could be a winner.

The problem is how are they going to solve the monetization issue to sustain itself considering Amazon nor Google seem to able to figure it out.

90% of my domotic needs are covered by simple transcript. I am actually using Alexa in such a way. parsing text, extracting intention, getting entities dispatching commands to rooms/devices are all steps managed by NR. This allow me still to have pure-local smart home (no device is driven/seen by Alexa).
Nevertheless Alexa has such side drawbacks I would prefer a dedicated local speech-to-text device.


It’s all depend on who you are. We use maybe 5% of Alexa for smart home and 95% for other things so Alexa is not going away from our home anytime soon. It would be nice to have local voice device with Amazon/Google devices for it though.

Mine is set up the same way, will make dropping in something 100% local much easier, once rhasspy or a different project can semi-reliably identify which microphone/device heard the command “better”. Open floor plan house problems, even Alexa only gets it right 95% of the time


Fully subscribed. Filtering false device-on-duty Is not sure with Alexa. Some tricks can improve the processo.

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