Grafana newbie

So I am new to Grafana, and I am trying to play with the dashboard to display only the zigbee temp sensors I care about instead of all. How would I take the default query provided and reduce it to the 5 sensors I care about?

My wine fridge is killing me here

You can disable the existing query by clicking the icon that looks like an eye.

Don’t delete it as you may want it later.

Then just add a query that looks like the one pictured but using “zigbee” where mine says “temperature”, “dev” where mine says “deviceName” and selecting your desired device from the drop-down list that will appear where mine says “Basement Shop Environment”. You also have to change the field in the SELECT clause and re-enter the formula for converting Celsius to Fahrenheit but I don’t remember the particulars there for CORE.

Then you can duplicate (using icon to the left of disable) and change the selected device for as many of your devices as you want.

How did you change the top to device data, I don’t have that option

I’m sorry but I’ve been running in a different environment and thought I remember enough about doing this on CORE to be helpful but it appears I was over confident.

You did create a new query and not copy the supplied one, right?

Yup. No luck with a new query,

Post a screenshot of both old and new.

Ok, so I can change the query to get selected sensors! But it won’t save since it is a provisioned dashboard… Time to learn how to make my own dashboard…

Crap…forgot about that.

Depending on how you wish to navigate to your new dash @RRodman may be needed to assist.

you can’t delete the preconfigured dashboards or really break them, but you can save a copy of it and then make changes to the copy. If you break your copy, delete it. Grafana is a rabbit hole. You should dig in and mess with dashboard copies. That’s really the way to understand it.
@RRodman will likely be around later this afternoon or evening. He’s tied up for a while.

Well, I had to step away from the rabbit hole to go to soccer.

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I’m also a grafana noob. Maybe you can give me pointers later? I’ve been complacent with the preconfigured data.

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When you return to the rabbit hole… I covered copying a CORE grafana dash into a new one that you can alter and play with to get the hang of queries and structures previously, and I have now broken that into its own topic located here:


Woo Hoo, now we are getting somewhere!