Good job

I just wanted to say: GOOD JOB!

In the beginning I thought I will just play around with core and keep everything “essential” on Hubitat. Then everything worked so well that I switched over completely. No regrets. My automations just work. No drop offs of my Aqara devices. Even the Sonoff repeaters play nicely with them! I can now focus on other things and comeback to tinkering if I LIKE to and not because I HAVE to because something is failing, and my wife looks at me with her “your automation again” look.

Big THANKS to the team :slight_smile:


Agree 100%. This beta is far, far superior to my old HE environment. Both of my HE hubs are with new owners, and I actually feel a bit guilty about it. I definitely came out ahead on those transactions. The decisions Oh-La made about hardware, OS, and sandboxed open-source modules have produced a winner. Looking forward to CORE UI and general public release!


Yes agree 100%… wasn’t so sure how this venture was going to play out but I’m very pleased with the outcome! I’ve moved over my automations and all my devices that I care about and the HE hub is unplugged. I’ve dabbled with NodeRed in the past but I’ve embraced it more this time round and it’s great! I still need to get my head around Grafana (waiting on a tutorial for that) but all good! Support has been great! :100: :slightly_smiling_face:


I as well have been impressed with how well things just work. @markus is an animal when it comes to putting this stuff together. The dedication and passion to the project from @april.brandt @markus @RRodman has been very impressive.

While I can’t say all my stuff is running on core 2/2 I’m preparing for a move. I can say it’s handled everything I’ve thrown at it flawlessly. Some of the node-red stuff throws me from time to time, but I think it’s mostly because it’s so powerful with so many ways to accomplish what you want.

Many thanks to the CORE team for sticking with it.

Very much looking forward to what the future brings.


good job Indeed!
My HE Is going to find a new house.
I would like one more CORE to tinker with and prepare for a possibile backup.


Agreed, after using @markus drivers on HE, I had an inkling he would put out a good product. Am not disappointed.

Edit: also loving how the documentation is coming along. Lots of good examples, which a newb like me needs.