For Sale: ZCOMBO Z-Wave Smoke/CO Detectors

No longer needed and clearing out the office space.

I have 6 of them if anybody wants them. Pay the shipping and they’re yours.

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I’ll take them if they’re still available.

@april.brandt Do you know if the difference between Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus will matter a ton for CORE?

@Cjkeenan is deciding if he wants them… if not then it’s a coin toss between @april.brandt and @RRodman

Shipping is flat rate USPS large box priority mail.

Since it’s between staff… hmm… so whoever gets a CORE shipped soonest? Muahahaha :wink:


Smokes are now gone… Thanks!

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Don’t forget they have 7 years life when started. 4 of my detectors expired last month. Crazy that they are 7 years old already. 3 left with about over a year left.

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