Eufy Security Smart Track

These look interesting… cheaper than Apple AirTag yet utilise same network.

£20 in UK -

$20 in US -

User manual

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I needed more Apple AirTags for our trip to Oz in December and followed you link to the Eufy, should be able to play tomorrow. Have you tried them yet?

It will be either £20 wasted (I doubt it looking at the specs) or £10 saved over the Apple Airtag.

Hopefully I wont need it to find my luggage using Emirates but will be in all bags just in case.

Given that it supports both iOS and Android, I wonder if android users will be able to use the Find My network when they are using just the Eufy app. I somehow doubt it because Apple, but who knows. Very odd that Tile did not try to do this when the Airtag first came out.

Nope haven’t purchased yet… so let us know how you get on! The Apple AirTag works great for me so may look at purchasing Eufy tags…

Well I have had a play with the Eufy (Anker) tag and still on the fence on wether to get another one or just stay with AirTag. (probably staying with AirTag)
It allows others to see your tag if you invited them but the downside is you need to install the Eufy app which obviously allows their network to expand and those invited also expands the network, also no doubt allowing them to sell your data.
You do not need to install the Eufy app and it works in Find Me just like an AirTag but I just don’t like the Eufy app and if you put the tag in a pocket and accidentally press the tag twice then your iPhone plays an annoying tune, even if the phone is in Do Not Disturb mode.

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