ESPHome secrets.yaml defaults

I have been messing around with ESPHome more lately, and I noticed that the CC default secrets.yaml has wifi_ssid and wifi_key as variables, when the default names are wifi_ssid and wifi_password. Is there a reason for key being changed from password?

When I try making new devices, it notices that I do not have a wifi_password entry so it asks for network info. Would it be possible to standardize this so the templates all use the default variable names?

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This is an astute observation, when the core sample files were created I don’t believe the other files existed yet. In terms of the naming inside the core sample files “key” is used because that’s what it is, it’s not technically a password. But, I suppose password is what’s used on phones etc. I’ll make a note of this and we’ll see what change we should do to bring it all in-line.