ESPHome for beginners

So I was reading the mmWave sensors and did some research and found this GitHub - igiannakas/mmwave-d1mini: Room presence detection using mmWave radar (DFRobot SEN0395), D1 Mini ESP-8266 and ESPHome for HomeAssistant

How do I go about doing this?

  1. Clone this repository to your build environment. Download the code zip and unpack it in your esphome build directory


You would download it either directly on your CORE using wget or curl, then unpack it to “/home/oh-la/data/esphome/”. OR on your computer and then upload it through SFTP (eg. FileZilla), that route you could even upload it directly to the correct folder and not do unpacking on CORE.


Another question, my windows 11 machine is unhappy with the d1mini USB to serial port. Can I plug my d1 mini into core?

Does your Windows 11 machine have the CP2102 driver installed?

The do mini uses the 240 serial port, and that is loaded, I get an error about the serial port not responding to the close command.

There was a random update to windows that caused the driver to get updated to a version that does NOT work with the chipsets. This is most likely what is causing your issue. Roll your driver back/install a different (older) version and you should be good to go again.

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