Came across this interesting tech demo from Espressif. What do you guys think?

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Kinda neat, I guess.

What they don’t say, is once it turns off does it turn on again? Or do you need to trigger it somehow?

If we are talking about the light I’m pretty sure it comes back on when someone enters the room.
Granted that likely would be the automation they have set for that light as they are just using it to visually show the detected changed in signal based on occupation/versus movement and how they can accurately defer between the two near instantly.

Now the device powering itself down or up is a really good question, and id imagine a low power mode for “off” that wakes up when a high enough change is detected across a resistor etc related to signal strength swings

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I think there’s no clue in it so WTH? :grin:

Seriously, I think it’s a solution in search of a problem.

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Not everything can be a clue lol

I can think up a few interesting uses for it… Personally I’m more interested in having per room Lidar detection but this could fill some holes until then.

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Yeah but, like April, you’re totally consumed with automation while I only employ it to help with a issue. :wink:

I dunno, you seem to have placed them EVERYWHERE.

Thank heavens for the tip about the new icon on the home page! My browser just shows a faint rectangle so I’d have never found that one!

I take care of my 85 year old grandmother, The less stuff I need to get up and turn on or off for her the better… Giving her a google mini was probably one of the best things i’ve done. She will sit in there holding conversations with the poor thing, and being able to ask the date time weather etc probably saves me from answering the same questions over and over at least 10x a day

What browser are you using man? That has been a standard emoji code since 2016!!! even knows what it is!

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I’ll bet!

Vivaldi, although it shows the same in Chromium. I suspect it needs a font set I don’t have.

That is really odd. I’ll have to get eli to look into it, as the entire website is supposed to be loading a specific webfont he picked so that shouldn’t be an issue.