Does NR support command optimisation. Can it be overridden

Hello all you NR guru’s out there.
I have some devices that are stateless so if I turn on a light manually my system would still think it is off.
With webCoRE you can turn off command optimisation so that the command will get sent to the devices regardless of it’s state.
So I now have a situation where if my setup thinks a switch is off and I send an off command it seems to be ignoring it.
I have proven this by turning on a light through my dashboard and with an inject node it will turn off when the node is activated. When turned on manually the inject node does not turn it off when activated.
Does anybody know if there is a way to force the command to be sent to a devices and acted upon regardless of it’s known state.

I hope this all makes sense. :slight_smile:

Node red doesn’t care about the state of a device at all. It will send a command regardless of if a device is on or off UNLESS you have built a check to prevent it, OR the node itself is designed that way. In the latter case nothing you can do other than switch to a different node, in the former you would remove your check.

Thanks for the reply.
Obviously something is happening. I’ll have to dig further.
Probably the way I have it configured.
I’ll keep persevering.
Thanks again.

If your anything like me… You’ll find the issue, facepalm, feel like an idiot for a minute, then move on. I still do it ALL the time so your in good company :wink:


Did that myself yesterday wondering for a couple minutes why a bulb wasn’t responding, only to realize I had unplugged it earlier in the day :joy: