Developer tools

I posted this on the hubitat forum as well, but I’m hoping that some of the core guys here that aren’t on that forum as well might be able to give some extra insight.

Hi ,

I’m wondering are the any tools available in the open source community for debugging zigbee devices?

I’ve already bought a CC2531 device and I know I can use that to sniff packets on my zigbee network, In particular I’m interested can I use the CC2531 or different hardware to talk to a device on my network and read specific attributes from clusters, or send data to that device?

I know that it can be done using a DTH, but that way isn’t very interactive and it would mean using my hub for development which could break existing functionality.

I come from an embedded background and being able to sniff a data bus and also inject arbitrary data helps a lot with reverse engineering things where you don’t have good documentation and it also helps with debugging.

Are there any other tools that developers use for development that they couldn’t live without?

Thanks very much