Denon AVR?

Wait you also have a denon AVR???

I had one temporarily to play with over the weekend, liked it enough I picked up their soundbar and a couple speakers while I wait to order my AVR through work.

Thread derailment allowed? :sweat_smile:

I want to build something where you select what you want to play, then where to play that selection, and smart enough to recognize if you already have that playing in another room to group them together. But it also has to be easy enough to override the group, breaking it up when something different is requested, with some kind of prompt like “this room is currently grouped with x, y, and z, do you want to continue or break the group?” As well as automated triggers like tv turning on, etc.

I’ve got it halfway there, but the logic in NR is growing very quickly to the point it might be easier to build directly in HA, or learn python :joy:

It’d be nice if alexa & google would just build those kind of smarts into their multi-room audio systems, or at least be able to dynamically create the groups by giving them room names.

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We will just get @april.brandt to split this and the replies to it off onto a new topic for us :slight_smile:

I have a Denon AVR (S950H) and I absolutely love it. Currently only using it for a single room as I dove down the Atmos rabbit hole and got hooked. Current setup is a 5.2.2 surround system, 2 Front, 2 Rear, 1 Center, 2 Ceiling Speakers and 2 subs. The audio output is so realistic that I find myself pausing shows and movies having to double check that the sound I just heard wasn’t actually something happening in real life.

Send me a copy of your exported flow code in PM, I’d love to take a look and see what you’ve come up with so far. Between the 2 of us (and I’m sure there are some other Denon users around) I’m sure we can come up with something interesting :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the smart assistants are moving toward all integrations being built and controlled by third parties due to cost savings to the providers.

Google actually put out a statement to this effect not that long ago. In a years time the tools to set up your own integration via google will be gone. Forcing use of third parties.

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Both my upstairs TV and home theatre have Denon Amplifiers which have extensive APIs (AVR-X6400H driving an Atmos 7.4.2 setup and AVR-X3100W driving a 6.1 setup) there are nodes in Node-Red for these but never really managed to get them to do anything useful.

I also have a 4K Sony projector that I would like to automate, at a minimum setting a scene to get everything on, but possibly automatically setting the aspect ratio of the projector based on content playing on my Nvidia Shield TV.

So many devices to automate!

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How are the projector prospects looking now? I guess what I am really asking is… Are we back to point where you can easily get a projector that can push a native 120hz in full def with enough brightness and contrast to view in a well lit room, projecting a 130"+ off a 10 foot throw without washout for under $1k?

I know it was 1080p not 4k, and I really miss my projector but cheap 4k tvs have me spoiled.

Ok, I am jealous. Sadly my receiver can only do 7.2.2, i can only imagine how much better the overheads are with the extra two channels. I can’t wait until I can open my business back up and buy lots of new expensive toys… being on a shoe string budget sucks!

Yeah it seems as though all the nodes there are outdated/unmaintained/not very useful. Everything that goes through my AVR is currently coming directly from my PC, so i don’t have a lot of use for control nodes for it.

I did find one node that was working for getting status and another that sent commands. The issue there is the one that worked for status throws some major errors in the logs when it initializes, hasn’t been maintained , and may cause instability with node-red so I’m not comfortable saying which one it was.

That being said, the local APsI are well documented by both denon and marantz so we can probably get our own solution going, or fork one of the existing ones and make it work.

@april.brandt would likely be very interested in hearing about this if you already have a way to get the info from the Nvidia. She just got one and I don’t believe she has had a chance to look into automating it yet.

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Unfortunately I had to take a few days off from tinkering with NR, my brain was fried :exploding_head: Currently headed ~500mi away from my core and Denon gear to see a race this weekend. I’ll fire up the VPN later and export the flow I’ve got so far for y’all gurus to look at, it’s a mess :joy: